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Terms of Service of Alltrades (hereinafter “Alltrades” or “the Company”)

Creation of an online store website and the receipt of the services (as defined below) implies consent of the recipient of the services (“User”) to be subject to the terms and conditions below, which may be updated from time to time. If you do not agree to these terms, you may not sign up for and not use the Alltrades services.

1. General Provisions

1.1. Alltrades is registered in Israel and operated by Osek Patur Pavel Freedman, registration number #342805082 (the "Company")

1.2. Alltrades offers the Users a platform for self-construction of an online store (the “Services”).

1.3. The online store is available on the Internet in the form of a website (“Website”), which can be accessed by an unlimited number of persons.

1.4. The Services can be used solely by individuals legally qualified to enter into the agreement, over the age of 18, and by filling out the registration form on the Alltrades official web-site.

1.5. The User hereby declares that he is the owner and/or licensee of the use of the systems and applications for which the Services are provided, and he may, in accordance with the provisions of any law and/or agreement, contract with the Company.

1.6. The User declares and undertakes that the information and content provided by him to the Company for the purpose of providing the services and the information and content that will be uploaded to the online store Website he will build, do not violate any law and/or the rights of any third parties. The user alone will be responsible for the correctness, completeness, accuracy, reliability and trustworthiness of all such content as it appears in his Website and related applications.

1.7. The User undertakes that no infringing content and/or commercial secrets, and/or intellectual property rights of any kind, and/or offensive content, and/or any content prohibited by any law will be uploaded to the Website. The User hereby confirms that he bears the sole and full responsibility for the content displayed on the Website and applications related to the Website and their compliance with the provisions of any law and hereby exempts Alltrades from reviewing the content and its compliance with any law, and undertakes to indemnify the Company any claim and/or lawsuit against it in connection with the contents of the Website.

1.8. The User declares and confirms that he is solely responsible for any commercial activity he performs in connection with the Services, including online commercial activity he performs on the Website and in its applications including various advertisements and marketing means involved and the Company is not and will not be a party to any relationship and/or customer relationship of the User’s and/or his potential customers and/or users of his Website and/or the applications involved. The User will be responsible for all expenses involved in such commercial activity and for the payment of any applicable taxes.

1.9. The Services offered by Alltrades include offers of third-party products or services, including courier services, payment gateways, on-site sales tools, etc. (“Third Party Services”), usually as a plug-in components to the Alltrades platform. When a third party services involved, the Company is not and will not be responsible in any way for the third party services and does not represent them and give no commitment on their behalf. Alltrades is not a party to the customer’s relationship with third parties, and shall not be responsible to supervise them or the quality of their services.

The User’s engagement with a third party for the receipt of the Third Party Services is at the sole risk and responsibility of the User (including their quality, availability, etc.). The support and service for Third Party Services are the sole responsibility of the relevant third party, and subject to conditions applicable to those Third Party Services. The User confirms that he is aware that such Third Party Services may involve payment to Alltrades and/or to a third party. Alltrades entitled, upon its sole discretion, to cease supporting or providing any third party services to the User without any liability towards the User and/or the any other third party.

1.10. The User hereby confirms that Alltrades does not provide any advice or legal advice of any kind regarding any law or legislation of any kind applicable to the User, his Website, the applications contained therein, his customers (including potential), users of the Website and anything related to the Services complying with any of the provisions of the law. The User has the full and sole responsibility to ensure that the Website and the services he provides comply with his needs, comply with the applicable law provisions as well as his compliance and compliance with his Website and the other applications included in it, at all times, in all legal provisions. The Company will not bear any responsibility whatsoever for the non-compliance of the User or of his Website with the provisions of any law. The User will indemnify Alltrades, immediately upon its first demand, for any claim or demand made against Alltrades in connection with the non-compliance of the User’s Website and/or any of its applications with any of the provisions of the law.

1.11. Alltrades does its best to provide the Services properly and without interruptions. However, and in light of the nature of the communication technologies, there may be interruptions or malfunctions and/or hacking and/or disruptions on the Website, for any reason not related to the Company. It is therefore clarified that the User will not have any claim or demand of any kind towards the Company in respect of any such malfunction or interruptions, including in respect of any damage of any kind that occurs as a result of such a situation.

1.12. The User allows Alltrades to publish its name and trademark for marketing purposes, including but not limited, on the Alltrades website and presentations, unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing between the parties.

1.13. The User and a third parties affiliated to the Company may use the Company logo in the way that does not harm the image of the company or it’s website. Permitted versions of the logo are placed on the webpage “About”. The Company may at any time and in its sole discretion revoke the said authorization to use the logo. Upon receiving such notice, the User or the third party will immediately cease usage of the company logo.

1.14. The User undertakes to ensure that all his employees and/or workers on his behalf observe the Terms of Service.

2. Payments

The Services provided in accordance with the tariffs published at (“Pricing”). The User undertakes to make the payment for the Services in accordance with what is stated on the Pricing webpage, depending on the User's choice of the tariff. The Company may update the Pricing for the Services at any time, in its sole discretion.

3. Refund Policy

3.1. The User may request to terminate provision of the Services and receive a refund in amount of the unused balance of his user’s account within the Alltrades. The company calculates the balance of the User on a daily basis. The refund to the User will be made within 10 business days, to the User’s bank account specified by him in the refund request.

3.2. The refund request must be addressed to the Company’s email

3.3. The cost of registering the domain name (domain) will be deducted from the amount of the refund to the User, if the domain was purchased by the Company in favor of the User. In this case, the Company will provide the User with the necessary details for further independent management of the domain.

4. License to use

4.1. According to the provisions set forth in this document and the fact of registration at Alltrades by the User, the Company grants to the User, and the User receives a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non sub-licensable license to use the Services solely for his business operations.

5. Restrictions on use The user will not allow, permit or assist any third party, and will not do so himself:

5.1. Re-engineering, disassembly into components or trying to discover the source code or the ideas, structure, organization or algorithms underlying the Alltrades platform, including its website and components (“Software”).

5.2. Provide, lease, lend, publish, distribute, sublicense, assign, delegate or transfer, or allow others to transfer or use the Software for the benefit of any third party.

5.3. Modify, enhance or create derivative works of the Software. In addition, and without derogating from the above, the User agrees that any repair, modification or adjustment of the Software, made by him (even in violation of the license terms), will be the exclusive property of the Company, and will be subject to the provisions of these Terms of Service. The User hereby irrevocably transfers to the Company all such modifications, changes and adjustments, immediately upon the commencement of their execution.

6. Copyright and Intellectual Property

6.1. All rights of any kind in all of Alltrades products and/or in any intellectual property related to the Software will remain solely the property of Alltrades.

6.2. The User agrees that at the bottom of his online store’s Website will be a message that the Website is operated by Alltrades including a link to the Company’s website.

6.3. The User will save and will not remove, change or obscure any proprietary notice (including the copyright notice) appearing on the Website or any content related to the Services.

6.4. The User undertakes and declares that he has the full copyright and moral rights in the content that he uploads to the Website and that the publication of the content by him does not infringe any right of third parties, including under the Copyright Law, 5768-2007 and/or any other law of any state.

6.5. The User grants Alltrades the right to use the information entered and/or uploaded by the User.

7. Term of the agreement

7.1. The relationships between the User and the Company as set forth in the Terms of Service (hereinafter the “Agreement”) will begin on the day the User registers on the Company’s website and will continue to apply until the User’s account is deleted by him or the Company.

7.2. The manner of providing the Services, their components and the Terms of Service may change and even cease temporarily or permanently, at any time, at the sole discretion of the Company and for any reason without violating the Agreement and/or entitling the User to any compensation. In the event the Company decides to stop providing the Services – the User will be given 14 days’ notice to the e-mail indicated by the User at registration.

7.3. The Company will be entitled to suspend the provision of the Services and/or stop its Services immediately and the User will not have any claim in this regard, in the following cases:

A. In any case of non-payment for the Services according to the Pricing and/or any part thereof to the Company and/or in any case of a violation of the Terms of Service by the User that has not been rectified within 7 days from the date of the Company's notification of the violation;

B. In any case when the Company believes that its Services have been abused and/or used illegally and/or used in a manner that harms other Users or third parties of the Company;

C. In case of ongoing repair and/or maintenance work, etc.

D. If the violation committed by the User is irreparable or if the User violates the provisions of the Terms of Service regarding copyright or intellectual property;

E. If the User's company was declared bankrupt, or the User has submitted a request for liquidation or appointment of an official receiver or made a general arrangement with his creditors, or if a request has been submitted involuntarily to perform such actions against the User, and such request has not been canceled within 30 days.

7.4. Upon termination of the license for any reason, the User will immediately cease to use the Services.

7.5. Upon termination of the license for any reason, the Company may, in its sole discretion, remove the User Website from its servers and permanently delete the User data and content.

7.6. Upon termination of the license for any reason, and at the request of the User, the company will allow the User to create a copy of the latest data backup that exists on the company's servers and which contains the data that has been entered or uploaded by the User or belongs to the User.

7.7. Clauses 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and their subclauses will continue to be in force even after the termination of the Agreement between the parties.

8. Limited warranty

8.1. The User confirms that he does not in any case impose any liability on Alltrades and the Company is not liable for direct or indirect damage including and without detracting from the generality of the above, loss of income, loss of profit or loss of business opportunity, loss of reputation, disruption for the course of business, loss or theft of data or business information, cost of obtaining alternative goods or services, which will be caused for any reason, arising or related in any way to the use of Services, use of the User Website, and/or reliance on specific performance, delay in use or in the inability to use it, the supply or non-delivery of the website and/or the Company's Services and/or any other cause, even if the Company is aware of the possibility of such damages. And the User will not have any claim and/or demand against the Company and/or anyone on its behalf in connection with such damage.

8.2. In any case, Alltrades’ overall liability in connection with its Services by any cause, including, without prejudice to the aforesaid, contractual cause, tort, negligence, strict liability, breach of liability or any other cause arising from or relating to the Agreement with the User will not exceed the average monthly amount actually paid to Alltrades by the User under the Agreement during three months prior to the date of the cause of the claim or damage. If the User did not pay to the Company during 30 days prior of the indicated case or damage there will be no liability for the Company towards the User.

8.3. To the extent that the applicable law does not permit the limitation of one or more of the areas of responsibility mentioned above, Alltrades liability in such case will be limited to the maximum extent permitted by such law.

9. Compensation

The User undertakes to compensate the Company, its employees, owners and/or anyone on its behalf immediately upon their first written demand, any damage, cost, loss, and expenses (including reasonable lawyers’ expenses) caused to them due to User’s activities and/or any claim by third parties against the Company caused by actions of the User.

10. Miscellaneous

10.1. The relationship between the Company and the User is an independent contractor-client relationship.

10.2. These Terms of Service are subject to the provisions of the law applicable in Israel and the court in Tel Aviv has the exclusive authority to hear any dispute related to it.

10.3. Any provision of this Terms of Service that is found to be invalid or unenforceable shall not invalidate the validity of other provisions.

10.4. In the event of a conflict between provisions of the Terms of Service and any other document or publication, these provisions shall prevail.

10.5. The User may not transfer or assign his rights and/or obligations under this Agreement or in connection with it.

10.6. Alltrades may transfer or assign its rights and/or obligations under or in connection with this Agreement.

10.7. This Agreement supersedes any prior agreement, consent and/or obligation, whether verbal or written, express or implied, in all matters relating to prior relationship between the parties.

10.8. Alltrades reserves the right to upgrade, replace and modify the Services at its sole discretion. In addition, the Company may change the Terms of Service from time to time. In the event that such a change occurs, the Company will publish the updated Terms of Service on the Company’s website and they will get in force upon the publication.

10.9. The Company’s rights under the Terms of Service will not be infringed due to an overdue or delay in response to the User and non-response of the Company will not be considered a waiver.

10.10. The parties’ addresses: The User’s address (e-mail) is as provided at registration on the Company’s website. The Company’s address: Any letter sent by email from one to the other according to the addresses indicated above will be considered delivered within seven business days.

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