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Platform for building online stores
and acquiring new customers

easy for user of any level

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One stop shop for your professional online store!

Creation of the online store is free

Monthly subscription at the price of an average grocery bill

Cancel anytime

Expose your products to millions of people

Online store is set up to place products on the largest platforms such as Google, Facebook and Instagram. Local marketing site included as well.

Platform features

Delivery and pick-up services

get connected to leading Israeli and international delivery services, create pick-up points. The system will calculate the shipping cost automatically and include it in the order.

Professional templates

сustomize your store to match desired style.

Payment gateways

get paid with credit cards, PayPal or cash. Use billing, installment (multiple payments) or credit options. The system contains detailed payment gateway connection and set up instructions.

Mobile application for order management

control work of the store using your mobile phone, wherever you are.


your store is in any language to cover not Israel only but the whole world.

Technical support

describe the problem and get help. Every store owner has a special panel for prompt communication with the support service.

Calculate your benefit

Average online store order value: 300 ₪
Expenses to fulfill one order:
— advertisement: 10 ₪
— purchase or manufacturing: 150 ₪
— delivery: 30 ₪
— taxes (average): 30 ₪
Profit from 1 order: 300 - (10 + 150 + 30 + 30) = 80 ₪
Number of orders a day: 10
Profit a day: 80 * 10 = 800 ₪

800 * 30 = 24 000 ₪ a month!
from one online store!

Online store rental is only 200 ₪ per month.


7-Days Trial

All the basic functions to figure out how the store works and start selling.
Up to 1 000 catalog items.


( 0 ₪ / day )


All store functions without restrictions.
Up to 1 000 catalog items.

200 ₪ / month

( 6 ₪ / day )


All store functions without restrictions.
Up to 10 000 catalog items.

300 ₪ / month

( 10 ₪ / day )


All store functions without restrictions.
Unlimited number of catalog items.

400 ₪ / month

( 13 ₪ / day )

Create the store now and choose the plan later. Cancel anytime.