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Alltrades e-commerce platform

The company founded in 2006 as an online stores builder. Using Alltrades, a business of any size can create an online store to sell goods or services.

The platform automates the creation of a store website, placing and managing products, receiving orders and payments for them, interacting with delivery services, promoting products on the internet and other functions necessary for expansion of the business. No special knowledge in programming is required.

Creation of the platform

Starting to create the platform, we analyzed the existing solutions on the e-commerce market and located their advantages and disadvantages. Thus, it was established that the following criteria for the future Alltrades system should become determining:

  1. Store management system must be easy to use;
  2. Website of the online store must be attractive to customer;
  3. System must be reliable and someone must maintain its uptime;
  4. Orders payment and shipment must be smooth;
  5. The system should be flexible in terms of adding new functions and interaction with other services.

Based on these criteria the Altrades platform got to life.

Alltrades today

We are independent platform that supports integration with the most common payment gateways, delivery services, marketing services and social networks. User just have to activate the necessary functions in the store’s control panel.

The further development we provide according to the principle: what our online store owners need the most.

To accomplish that, we not only monitor trends in electronic commerce, but also created a special function in the store control panel, using which store owner can “wish” an addition or improvement. All such requests are analyzed and brought to life in order of the greatest demand. Updates are available to all online stores free of charge.

Our principles

Although, like any commercial project, we are interested in making profit, we think that only the money is truly valuable that received for a quality product.

Therefore, our priority remains the success and prosperity of your business. This is how we measure the value of our work.

Thus, the expansion of Alltrades not based on the principle “earn more money in shortest term”, but provide the greatest care to those who are already with us, make sure they succeed, before making a new leap towards expansion.

Alltrades logo

Alltrades partners and affiliates are allowed to use the company logo as provided by the Terms of Service.