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Online store creation guide

Right after registration, you will get access to the Control Panel of your online store, there you will see a list of steps that will help you to setup and launch the store. Below is the summary of those steps:


Information about the company

Fill in information about your company, place its logo and provide contact details so customers can find and contact you.



Add the first 10-15 products to bring your store website to life. Fill in the description of the products and upload their images.



Choose a suitable website template or leave it as it is. You can also change the colors, fonts and arrangement of elements on the website.


Website address

Upon creation of the store, it is assigned a temporary address in the format It is fully operational, but you can replace it with any other.


Payment gateway

In order for customers to pay for orders on your store’s website and you to receive money to your bank account, you need to connect to the payment system. You will be able to use PayPal or an Israeli payment gateway. Connection instructions are available in the Control Panel.


Delivery services

You can use one or several delivery companies to ship your orders to the customers. Activate the companies you want to use in the store’s Control Panel.



When everything is ready to deliver orders, it's time to make sure that people know of what you sell. Setup placement of products on, Google, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. Special section of the Control Panel will help you with this.


Orders shipping

Ship products to customers using your preferred delivery service or hand them over at a pick-up point.


Flourish and prosper!

Your business grows. You have a customer base, you can send newsletters, conduct surveys, expand the range of products. Expansion and success awaits your company!

Alltrades technical support will guide you through all the steps. If you need help, contact us through the Control Panel.