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Features of the Alltrades online store

Delivery and pick-up services

get connected to leading Israeli and international delivery services, create pick-up points. The system will calculate the shipping cost automatically and include it in the order.

Payment gateways

get paid with credit cards, PayPal or cash. Use billing, installment (multiple payments) or credit options. The system contains detailed payment gateway connection and set up instructions.

Professional templates

сustomize your store to match desired style.

Convenient visual editor

customize colors, fonts, element sizes, pictures and even animation using simple build-in editor.

Products placement on Google, Facebook and Instagram

use the feature of placement and promotion of your store products in the largest social media and search engines.

Products placement on

everything is configured for your products to be automatically placed at the popular Israeli price comparison platform.

Mailing lists

send newsletters to customers, inform about sales and new arrivals. Subscribers database management and unsubscribe option are provided.

Mobile application for order management

control work of the store using your mobile phone, wherever you are.

Telegram notifications

receive instant notifications with full information about new orders directly in the messenger. Any staff of your store can be informed about a new order.

Customer notifications

inform customers about order processing status. You can set up automatic notifications for any stage of order processing.


your store is in any language to cover not Israel only but the whole world.

Technical support

describe the problem and get help. Every store owner has a special panel for prompt communication with the support service.

Domain and hosting included

create an unique store’s domain name in zone or any other. We will register it for you at no cost and cover the hosting

Adaptive design

online store is optimized for display on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

Search engine optimization

store’s web pages are search optimized and indexed well by Google and other search engines.

“One-Click” quick order

when a customer needs one specific product, let him buy it without need of adding to the cart.

Convenient catalog

structure the products in the catalog by themes and categories so that customers can easily find them. The catalog also equipped with filters and searches.

Statistics and accounting

monitor orders statistics, track the most and least selling products. Spot spikes in sales to evaluate advertisement efficiency.

Inventory management

manage your entire inventory. Track stock counts, and automatically stop selling products when inventory runs out.

Product in-stock notifications

automatically notify customers about availability of products that were out of stock when they wanted to buy them.

Link products together

show related products to the customers. Turn on compare products function so the customers can place them side by side on the same page to compare.

Pricing options

set different prices for different product modifications and different categories of buyers.

Pages in any quantity

create information pages, site directories, news, articles so that your store can be found through Google search easily.

Discounts, promotions, coupons

promote discounts, give out coupons, and use other ways to boost sales.

Functional modules

use special add-ons to make polls, surveys and collect feedbacks.

Online chat with customers

advise customers using live chat with the feature to view contents of their cart. Something brought a person to your store, thus he is a potential customer – help him to make the right choice.

Watermark images

protect images of your products from unauthorized copying.

Multi-user mode

open access to any number of managers and sellers with limited access rights.

Multi-store management

use single control panel to manage many stores at once. Create an entire retail network.

Customer registration

choose whether the customer should register before purchasing a product. Registered customers can view their orders history and accumulate discount.

Affiliate program

track orders of customers referred by your affiliates and pay reward.


you can restore an earlier version of your online store at any time if something went wrong.

Integration with external services

Use a variety of options to customize the interaction of your store with external services.

Digital goods

don't need delivery services? Congratulations! Your customers will be able to download digital product right after checkout.

Catalog without cart

If you need a catalog site only, just disable the cart.


easily refund client when necessary.

Alltrades offers a wide range of features that are simple to use

If a feature you are interested in wasn’t listed, please try to find it in the 7-day trial or write to us.

Proposals for adding new features are always considered.